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                    JiangXi YingXi ELectric Co.,Ltd

                    YingXi, A professional manufacturer of kitchen appliance, located in Zhujiang river delta zone in the past 9 years, now with great decision by the CEO Mr.PengHua, we moved 70% of the production to JiangXi province to get more space and advantage for the coming competition, then JiangXi YingXi Electric Co.,Ltd was borned in 2017.

                     YingXi has changed into a diversified manufacturing basement, with a 66,500 square meters area and a 3,500 square meters official building in our JiangXi YingXi production basement. For more focuses on R&D, we have 30 sets of steel drawing machine and 20 sets of plastic injection machine along with a 8-people R&D department supporting. 

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