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                    What other unforgettable foods can be cooked in addition to baking?
                    source:江西櫻喜電器有限公司 Release time:2018年06月20日

                      What did you do at Christmas? Did you go shopping with her at a lively Christmas market or sit by the fire and eat a turkey baked in an oven? After a few people cooked for freshness and cooked a few times, Place the oven in the corner to collect dust. In fact, as long as you know the rich oven recipes, it will become a kitchen helper you can't stop using once. Xiao Bian is now talking about breakfast, lunch, dinner, and how to use the oven to make delicious food.
                      Oven Recipe for Breakfast: Easy Nutrition Toast Pizza

                      With busy modern work and long commuting hours, many people will easily buy some roadside stalls. When they are busy, biscuits can also serve as breakfast. In the long run, it will certainly be detrimental to the body's nutritional intake. In fact, at home, he did not imagine the time-consuming, you can use the oven to get a nutritional toast breakfast pizza 5 minutes: a layer of cheese on the tile, and then cover your favorite vegetables, such as tomatoes, cherries, cherries , carrots, corn kernels, etc., with meat and vegetables, and then put on ham or bacon, and finally spread the cheese pieces, pushed into the oven, wash can be used directly to enjoy. If the oven has better temperature control up and down, like the boss's built-in electric oven R025, it has an independent temperature control function of the upper and lower baking pipes, the maximum temperature difference is up to 30°C, and the upper layer of cheese is crispy, and the lower layer of toasted potato chips can also make their own favorite. The taste.
                      Oven Recipes Lunch: Grilled Asparagus Salmon
                      The oven and tin foil are the best CPs for cooking food. Whether it is leeks, vegetarian dishes or seafood, the combination of foil and oven can prevent moisture loss while maintaining the authenticity of the ingredients. Usually eat in the daily shop fresh salmon, you can also try baking at home: Wash the salmon, squeeze lemon juice on the surface, sprinkle with salt for a quarter of an hour, preheat the oven 180 °C, the fish and vegetables On tin foil, sprinkle some black pepper powder and bake for 15-20 minutes. When cooking salmon, precise control of temperature is very important. Boss embedded oven R025 can realize 1°C fine baking design. With built-in dual temperature detectors, temperature control accuracy can be more than doubled, and temperature control is not achieved. deviation.
                      Oven Recipes for Dinner: Roasted Chicken
                      It's perfect to finish your busy day and prepare for a rich dinner. Roast chicken as a grilled dish, the oven temperature and capacity requirements are very high. In addition to the preparation of the marinade in the front and the “coloring” of the roast chicken, uniform heating is required during the middle roasting process. If baking is uneven, the taste of the chicken is far from the good standard. In this regard, the 4+1 multi-dimensional baking tube of the boss's built-in electric oven R025 can realize four-dimensional three-dimensional heating, plus a 360-degree three-dimensional rotation, can better maintain the taste and moisture of the roast chicken itself, so that the chicken is not too dry. After baking, use a toothpick to get into the thickest part of the chicken and pull it out to make sure that it's bloodless. It's cooked. At the moment of release, chili peppers or chili powder can also be sprinkled and the taste will be even better.
                    In addition to the three cooking recipes mentioned above, there are still a lot of recipes for electric ovens. In fact, Xiao Bian believes that baking at home is a very meaningful thing. In particular, it is possible to work with family members on the weekend to make a few delicious snacks. It is not only clean and healthy, but also enhances the feelings of family members. With more intelligent kitchen appliances, the owner of the appliance also joined the ROKI intelligent cooking system for the electric oven, such as the owner of another embedded oven R016, its built-in mass of Michelin recipes to follow the display steps in the winter, you can easily make Warm stomach of cheese, sweet potato.