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                    How to use the oven?
                    source:江西櫻喜電器有限公司 Release time:2018年06月21日

                       Eclairs, puddings, fragrant muffins, and chiffon cakes.... .. lamb skewers, homemade chicken wings, baked salmon........ delicious foods are so much, and all are an oven You can do it, so many buddies have chosen to use the oven to cook these dishes at home. However, there are also more small partners responding that baking on their own often fails and using a bad oven. Today Xiaobian teaches everyone how to use the oven in several basic ways. We hope that all the buddies can use the oven to successfully make food.

                    Familiarity with functionality to better use
                    After the oven is brought home and installed, first we must be familiar with the function of the oven in order to lay the foundation for the creation of food.

                    The key to the oven side KQD50F-C2T is simple and clear. The left side is the mode selection, the right side is the time and temperature selection and the confirmation key, and the middle circle circle [〇] is the power key.
                    When in use, touch [中間] in the middle to power on, then click [<][>] on the left to select the desired mode, then select [-] and [+] on the right side to select the temperature. After selecting, press [?] to confirm, and then select Time, the same [-] [+] select time, the last [?] can start cooking.
                    Of course, in order to achieve the baking effect of the oven, some need to be warmed up in advance. The square oven KQD50F-C2T will automatically start to warm up after selecting the mode. After the preheating is completed, the beloved ingredients can be put in.

                    Of course, in order to eat the goods, there are also reservation functions. After selecting a good time, you can press the timer button, and after the timer button lights up, select [-] and [+] to select the appropriate time, and then confirm that it has reached the set time. The cooking countdown will begin to show, so that you can enjoy the food at the time you need.
                    First use, pay attention to cleaning
                    After being familiar with the function and basic operation of the oven, even if it is eaten, you should not rush to eat it first. You must first clean the product for the first time, or influence the use of the product.
                    To remove all the accessories in the oven, use a damp cloth to wipe off dust from the oven liner. Then, empty the oven and turn the oven to hot air bake mode. Adjust the temperature to 250°C for one hour. When the oven is shipped from the factory, the inner wall and the heating tube may be coated with a protective layer of oil. The first empty tank can help them evaporate quickly.

                    After the empty box is heated, open the door and keep it ventilated. Remove the odor from the oven. Of course, at this time, pay attention to open the kitchen window, and close the kitchen door to prevent the smell from spreading.

                    Matters needing attention, can not be small
                    Preheating: Preheating is the most frequently used problem in the oven. For reference, the recipes provided by the oven are included in the oven. Preheating is required. After the preheating is completed, the oven is placed in the oven so that the baking will not fail. Preheated food can be put directly into the oven.
                    Cleaning: It is recommended that after each use, wipe the oven and bakeware when it is warm, this will be easier; the seals on the oven door should also be removed periodically.
                    Safety: The door design of the Fangtai oven KQD50F-C2T is triple glass (two layers of LOW-E glass). The heat insulation effect is better, but be sure to take care when removing food. Wear dry and insulated gloves to protect. Good for our hands. If you have a baby at home, you can open the protective lock, not only can you lock the door but also lock the screen, so that you can effectively prevent children from being mishandled and injured.
                    The precautions and methods used in the oven are roughly the same, but in the specific cooking process will encounter a variety of different small problems, but also we need to constantly explore and try, how can you do it! Xiao Bian is sincerely hoping that every small partner who has an oven can make more delicious foods. In this way, more and more people will join the ranks of Xiaobian. Hahaha, still wish you can only eat fat!