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                    Home oven should be how to choose? Do not step on these minefields
                    source:江西櫻喜電器有限公司 Release time:2018年06月21日
                       Not in the process of eating, on the way of eating, on the food street, many people are attracted by all kinds of grilled meats and cakes, not only the color but also the taste.
                    Indeed, with the improvement of living standards, more people are willing to spend time and energy on these journeys to find food. However, there are also some people who want to create these foods for others to enjoy. Speaking of making food, the oven should be an essential kitchen assistant. It can bake chicken wings, bake cakes, and even cook white food, you can follow the steps to make your own food.
                    However, in the actual cooking process, many cooking whites think that there are still many problems. Let's take a look at it below.
                    Question 1: Why does my stuff always burn?
                    Answer: There are several reasons why the oven is baked. First of all, first confirm whether the temperature is set too high. If you do not know how many degrees the temperature is set, you can search the web based on the baked ingredients. Generally, you can find it.
                    Secondly, the baked ingredients are too close to the heating tube. Generally, the oven is used to place the ingredients in the middle layer. Too high or too low may burn the food.
                    Finally, if you set the temperature in accordance with the correct steps to grill and paste, it is recommended to contact customer service for after-sales service; In addition, the oven is too large, you can use the embedded oven, or in combination with their own circumstances, to buy the right size oven.
                    Question 2: After the purchase of the oven, the packaging is damaged, and the customer service does not respond.
                    A: The things we bought are all hopelessly intact. Since there are obvious traces of damaged packaging and product distortion, we can refuse to sign. Can not contact customer service, you can make more calls several times, in addition to the official after-sales rights protection to make a complaint to protect their rights and interests from damage!
                    Question 3: How to do when the pizza is heated unevenly?
                    A: When using the oven to bake, it is best to first preheat the oven for about 10 minutes; secondly, the oven is too small, it may make baked egg tarts, bread, this situation;
                    In addition, there is also a way to add a tin foil on the egg tarts and bread after it has been slightly colored. If you feel that the bread is not beautiful enough after the bread is baked, you can take off the tin foil and bake it for a few minutes. Be sure to keep it next to the oven. Do not paste it.
                    Finally, if this is the case, it is recommended to contact customer service for after-sales service.
                    Question 4: The temperature is not accurate, the actual temperature of the oven is different from the set
                    A: Under normal circumstances, household ovens will encounter the problem of inconsistency with the set temperature, mainly due to the small internal space of the oven, resulting in poor air flow, so the set temperature can be reduced in actual use;
                    But generally the temperature difference will not be too large. If the set temperature is 180 degrees and actual 360 degrees, this will greatly exceed the normal temperature fluctuation range. If it is not a problem with the test instrument, it is a problem with this oven. It is recommended to stop using it immediately. Contact after-sales personnel for maintenance, safety first!
                    Question 5: When the set time is up, why does the rotation button not automatically return to the origin?
                    A: The time button of the rotary button oven is mechanical, not electronic. The fixed time is equal to the clockwork. If the spring inside does not return to its original position, it will not move until the spring returns to its original position. Unless manually adjusted back;
                    If you do not bounce back, you can contact customer service personnel for after-sales service.
                    Question 6: What if the temperature is too high when baking something?
                    Answer: The oven box is mostly made of thin steel plate. It is usually double-layered. During this time, the air is sandwiched or filled with heat-insulating material. The door is equipped with high-temperature resistant glass. In addition to the high temperature inside the oven being heated, the shell and the glass door are very hot, so when opening or closing the oven door, it is best to wear insulated gloves to avoid being burned by the glass door.
                    If you have a long distance or have a feeling of high temperature burning hands, it is recommended to stop using and contact customer service for after-sales service, some counterfeit products produced by black heart manufacturers are not using heat-insulating glass, and the heat insulation materials are generally used. Such an oven is very dangerous when used. , It is recommended that consumers look at the use of more, do not understand more to ask.
                    Edit summary:
                    The electric oven is one of the most popular small household appliances in the home. It uses radiant heat from electric heating elements to bake food. It is a good substitute for difficult-to-operate, dusty ovens. For baking ingredients like or baking lovers, the oven is an indispensable partner.
                    Consumers should first have a comprehensive understanding of the electric oven. Attached below is an oven selection principle:
                    1, power. Domestic common electric oven power is generally between 500 and 1500 watts, so first consider whether the domestic electric meter is within the allowable range. Then determine according to the number of their own family members, if the family of three is to choose less than 700 watts of electric oven is more appropriate.
                    2, type. Generally divided into three kinds according to heating elements. 1) Economic type: An infrared tube plus a quartz heating tube is completed. Of course, the grade is relatively low, but the basic function of the electric oven can still be achieved. 2) Standard type: Two far-infrared tubes plus a quartz heating tube, characterized by fast heating. But compared with the former, the price will be more than 200 yuan. 3) High-grade type: An ultraviolet heating tube is provided in the attachment, which can play a role in sterilization and disinfection.
                    3, function. There are many high-end electric ovens, which are pre-programmed by the microcomputer to set the heating method, time, and rotation of the food. They can evenly heat the food and evenly reach the intelligent stage. So this is a very important aspect when shopping.
                    4, style. There are two types of electric ovens, vertical and horizontal. Vertical ovens are more suitable for home kitchens that are not well-spaced. It is not a floor space but a space volume. A horizontal electric oven is suitable for a kitchen area. Bigger family. Then the shell paint, generally choose a high transparency.