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                    Oven cleaning, are you doing it right?
                    source:江西櫻喜電器有限公司 Release time:2018年06月21日

                    Xiao Bian while baking video
                    Want to give a close-up of the cake in the oven
                    WO finds some grease in the oven
                    It's really awkward scenery ~
                    Not only did not bring out the beauty of my cake
                    Instead, it lowered the overall value.
                    So I started collecting some oven cleaning tricks
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                    Ready to work

                    Do not clean the oven just after baking
                    Cleaning must be done with power off and cooling!
                    On the one hand is to avoid causing burns
                    On the other hand, sudden cooling during cleaning
                    Has a negative effect on the maintenance of the interior parts of the oven
                    If the oven is clean
                    Wipe the oven with a damp cloth
                    If you have accumulated thick oil
                    Then follow the next steps
                    Remove the oven grill first
                    Put them in water filled with hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid
                    Then put an old newspaper near the oven door
                    Prepare a dry loofah or bamboo brush
                    Clean out the coke in the oven

                    Clean heating tube

                    The heating tube inside the oven should be gently wiped with a dry cloth
                    Do not scrub with a damp cloth
                    So as not to affect the insulation of the heating pipe leakage short circuit
                    pay attention
                    Do not use steel wire
                    Grinding clean ball and other rough surface cleaning tool wipe
                    In case of wire or frosted particles fall into the heating tube
                    Light barbecue smells like a strange smell
                    Heavy cause a short circuit in the entire circuit
                    In addition to the detachable part of the oven
                    Internal cannot flush directly with water
                    Clean the inner wall of the oven

                    If the oven is used for a long time, the inner wall will be black
                    There are many ways to clean the inner wall of the oven
                    method one
                    Put a bowl of water in the oven first
                    The temperature is set to 90 degrees after 15 minutes
                    Wait a bit to cool
                    Use a grease-softened rag and cleaner to clean it
                    Method Two
                    Make cleaning solution
                    Add about 55g baking soda in a 1L spray bottle
                    And fill it with water
                    Shake spray bottle to dissolve baking soda
                    Spray inside the cooled oven
                    Special attention to the hard area of charred
                    Until the carbon block is completely wetted
                    Use a rag or spatula to remove grease
                    For a particularly dirty oven
                    Can increase the proportion of baking soda
                    And repeat the number of times after soaking
                    Oven rack

                    Next you can clean the oven rack
                    Scrubbing oven racks in soapy water
                    Wash soap and dry them
                    Then put it back in the oven
                    Remove odors

                    method one
                    Put a bowl of lemonade or 1:1 white vinegar
                    After opening the container, use a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius
                    Dry roast for 10 minutes can be removed
                    Method Two
                    After the pan cools
                    Pour 50ml of warm water and a small amount of detergent into a baking tray
                    Cover the pan and insert the plug.
                    Adjust the time knob to 10 minutes
                    Hot air circulation can automatically clean the dirt in the baking tray
                    After removing the plug and other baking trays after cooling
                    Rinse the pan again with warm water
                    Method three
                    For tin foils that may flew hot oil in the baking process
                    Not only to ensure that the outside is crisp and tender
                    And will not make the oven stained

                    Reduce the burden of cleaning

                    How to reduce the cleaning burden?
                    In daily use, you can pay attention to the following points!
                    First of all
                    It's best to do a cleaning every time you use the electric oven
                    This will not become increasingly tired
                    Increase the difficulty of cleaning
                    In addition
                    When used normally
                    A layer of foil can be placed under the heating tube on the bottom of the oven
                    It can not only keep heat but also connect slag and oil
                    Can reduce a lot of cleaning work
                    Just change tin foil on a regular basis

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