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                    The five rules for choosing an oven must be taken into account when baking newbies!
                    source:江西櫻喜電器有限公司 Release time:2018年06月21日
                       If a worker wants to do good, he must first sharpen his tools. A good oven will definitely help you to walk more smoothly on the baking road.
                      What should be the first oven to buy? This problem has always been a difficult problem for rookie novices: they want to be in one step and fear that they will not be wasted in the future.
                      So, how to choose? Today, we love the baking column's sister to be a novice. Looking at your oven, can you meet the needs of baking?
                      The first code: not too small
                      Many newcomers will think "How long do they still insist" when they just start "hanging into the pit", so they will inevitably think about buying a small oven to try water first. Some mini ovens came into being: the price is not expensive, the capacity is about 10L, and the appearance is still somewhat adorable.
                      However, the small oven has a big drawback, that is, it is difficult to control the temperature. Even when the sister was making egg tarts for the first time several years ago, she was expecting a full house fragrance after being put in the oven. However, in the end, the egg tarts are still baked. One of the important reasons is that the temperature is not in control.
                      The mini-type oven does not have a constant temperature function. The longer the time, the higher the temperature will be. Therefore, a small oven of about 10L is only suitable for short-time cooking, such as baking a corn or a hot dog. However, to do real bakery snacks, it is still not enough to "segment."
                      Second Code: Size according to the number of people
                      The number of families, the choice of oven capacity is very important. In the general home of three or four, choosing a 33L or so oven is sufficient. In general, more than 33L oven features will be more comprehensive, for beginners, is enough to show their talents.
                      In a larger capacity oven, the temperature is more stable, and the heating tube is also a certain distance away from food. For instance, it is better to use a large oven for roast chiffon. The "level" of roasting out may be more stable. Therefore, as long as the storage space in the home allows the use of the oven is also relatively high, then you should still choose more than 33L oven.
                      In addition, if the home is newly renovated, you can also consider buying embedded.
                      Code No. 3: Indispensable for constant temperature function
                      Buy the oven, the first choice to have a constant temperature function. At present, the oven for home use can generally adjust the temperature between 30~250°C.
                      Some ovens do not rise at 30°C, so the oven can be used for fermentation. When you make bread, you no longer have to worry about the low temperatures and the difficulty of fermentation.
                      Fourth Code: Fire control functions are also best
                      Fire control is another best feature to have. Current ovens generally have three options for heating, heating down and heating up and down. However, different brands of different styles of ovens will have different temperatures at work. For example, mechanical ovens are more difficult to control in terms of time and temperature adjustment. With some electronically controlled ovens, time and temperature can be precisely controlled, which is more convenient for baking enthusiasts.
                      In addition, some electronically controlled ovens have their own programs, such as bakeware, toast, and so on. They only need to be able to be baked directly without any extra effort. This "lazy" feature will be easier for beginners to use, but it will also have less baking fun.
                      If you buy a mechanical oven and the humidity control function is not accurate, you must have a thermometer. Also note that the kind that can be put into the oven, so that you can see the temperature inside the oven, adjust at any time.
                      Code No. 5: Hot air circulation improves baking success rate
                      Buy ovens, conditions should try to choose the oven with hot air circulation. This feature is useful when doing certain kinds of West Point. For example, to make a puff, if there is a hot air circulation, you can quickly pull up the puff body and greatly increase the power of baking.